Login Admin Login is a default login address used by most of the wireless routers for the setup.  There are other options also available like , but login admin login is the most common Ip address used to login. These addresses are commonly referred to the host addresses.  With login admin login, you can gain access to the router admin page and complete the router configuration. In this guide, we are going to share some simple guidelines that can help you with router admin login so that you can use the router services.

How to visit the log in admin page to login?

  • Open your web browser and type  in the address bar and hit the enter button. This will direct you to the login admin page where you can login to the router and manage the settings.

  • Once the page is open, you can login by using the default username and password.  By default, the username and password is admin and admin respectively.

  • After you type the login credentials, you will be logged in to the admin control panel of your router.

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How to Find the IP Address of Router?

If you are unable to access the admin panel of your router at login admin login page, then there is a chance that your network might be using a different IP address. Most probably, the address could be or, or So try using the different IP address to login to the admin login page and complete the setup.

Have you Forgotten the Username and Password?

If you forgot the IP Address username and password or if your default username and password are not working,  then you must checkout the list of username and password you can use. As an alternate, you can also:

  • Check your router box. Most of the time the default username and password is mentioned on the router box along with the IP address.

  • If you have changed the router password and now do not remember then you can just reset your router to its factory defaults and you will be able to use the default login credentials to login to router and after that, you can manage the settings.  To reset the router to its factory default, press and hold the reset button on your router for 10 seconds. To do this, you can use sharp and thin objects like paper clips or needles.

That’s All! Your router will be reset to its factory defaults. 

With above guidelines, you can login to the router using the login admin login page. Follow the mentioned steps carefully without missing any. In case, you are still unable to login to the admin page of the router, you can contact the router professionals for their help to find and fix the issue and complete the login process.